NEW Lithium Battery Upgrade

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NEW Lithium Battery Upgrade

Moke America is thrilled to announce a new Lithium battery upgrade, exclusively available for our Mokes.

We have partnered with Summit Battery Group to create a custom-fit, exclusive battery pack that will extend the drive time of our Mokes. 

50-Mile Range/60v 160 AH

Mokes with lithium batteries will experience longer range, faster charging times, enhanced performance and improved efficiency.

How will this work?

After-Market sales are available for Mokes already on the road (Mokes only produced by Moke America). Upgrading your Moke’s battery to lithium will extend drive time. Enjoy faster charging time, enhanced performance and improved efficiency. Each lithium battery comes with an 8-year warranty from Summit Battery Group, and is fulfilled by Moke Assembly, LLC.

Pricing does not include installation.