Striped Tops

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Add a Striped Top to your Moke. They provide shade on sunny days and light protection during sun showers.

Available in 6 color combinations, in a sporty Bimini Top or all-encompassing Full Top with Sides. These are weatherproof tops and can get wet. 

* Please note these are proprietary tops for Moke America. They will only fit electric Mokes made by Moke America. They are custom measured and hand-produced for our Mokes and only our Mokes. Please do not purchase if you have an older Moke or from a different country or seller. We do not accept returns. 

* All of our tops and covers are made by hand. There is a 4-5 week production time. They will be shipped out upon completion. 

* We are getting new photos of the Striped Full Top with Sides. They are larger than the Bimini Top and surround the entire Moke, perfect for rainy, cold weather or when you want more protection from the elements. Please refer to these photos to get a better idea: