Eagle Performance Battery Charger

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Optimize Your MOKE

Upgrade to a High Performance Charger for a Maintenance-Free Charge. 
• Longer Runtime and Extended Battery Life
• PROVoltTM Intuitive Charging Technology
• 3-year Warranty
• Rugged, Built to Last, Repairable
• Perfect for when you're storing it for winter or on a vacation
• Free App for Wireless Connectivity — Monitor the condition of your batteries and manage your Moke from your mobile device with PROViewTM Link
• Proudly made in the USA

You will have to install the High Performance Charger in your Moke. A mechanic can help with this. 
This is a proprietary system only for Moke America electric vehicles. Please only order if you have an electric Moke from Moke America with AGM batteries (not lithium).
Part number i6013OBMOK